Reasons To Be A RMFIA Member

The Rocky Mountain Food Industry Association is this only voice in Colorado and Wyoming speaking strictly for the grocery industry. We’ve got your back.

While you are running your businesses, RMFIA is working to make sure your interests are heard when legislation and regulations are discussed that affect your business and your customers.

RMFIA is active in your behalf at state and national levels to help assure that our industry gets a fair shake from government.

Here are some of the accomplishments in which RMFIA played a major role:

• Continually working with state agricultural, health and revenue authorities to streamline food regulations and inspections, while holding down fee costs.

• Repeatedly stopping legislation that would have required grocers to buy a license before selling tobacco products.

• Defeating legislation that would have required grocers to charge customers for each plastic bag, as well as legislation requiring minimum levels of recycled materials in plastic containers.

• Led the effort that increased Colorado Lottery commissions to retailers.

• Led the effort to defeat legislation against the use of biotechnology in food products.

• Negotiating for grocers in Food Stamp and WIC programs and changes.

• Constantly working to preserve retailers’ sales tax vendor allowance.

• Ongoing coordination with health authorities on recalls and consumer issues.

• Ongoing efforts to develop equity for grocers in beer and alcohol sales laws.

• Defeat of local and state minimum wage increases, as well as work on national bills.

• Reducing proposed Workers’ Compensation rate increase in Wyoming, saving retailers $11million.

• Repeal of Federal Regulations which restricted teenagers working near dormant paper balers.

• Defeated legislation to outlaw products which could be used in graffiti.

Rocky Mountain Food Industry Association
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